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Dressage Horse and Arena Slide on Leather Cuff Bracelet  A new design from "lockdown", the  Dressage Horse has very fine detail as a braided mane, double bridle, and head. The surrounding rectangle mimics the dressage arena wit...
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A new Leather Cord Bracelet with custom end caps and a workable lobster claw clasp. The Circle boasts a Horse moving in a Half Pass, floating by. Two strands of 2 millimeter leather round cord secures this comfortable design on...
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A 3/4 inch wide leather cuff with our Extended Trot Horse Slide in Rose Bronze.  The horse is a raised relief with body contours and a braided mane. The slide meaures 7/8 inches tall x  1 1/4 inch wide. Closure is a button Stud...

Tempi Offers leather as Belts, various neck cords, and bracelets.

Our "Halter Stitch" 3 rows of stitching are offered in silver or gold thread. These high-end belts have Chicago screws[ gold or silver finish] for easy buckle change out. Our "crock embossed" leather belts are a classy new addition with a lower price point.  Tempi's leather neck cords have a wonderful selection of colors and widths. We also offer braided leathers as bracelets or neck cords, AND our leather cuffs have colors and a choice of a button stud OR a buckle for closure.

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