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Animal Designs

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Our two strand leather cord bracelet, two millimeter round,  sports our Jumping Horse.  This jumper has his knees tucked up high, a snaffle bit bridle, braided mane and martingale.  He is a raised relief with fine detail.There ...
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Our sweet pony charm in 2 sizes make this a fun sterling charm bracelet. Smooth polished links sport 4 larger Ponies and 5 smaller ponies. These are 2 sided, full bodied charms joined by a sturdy soldered link.  Larger Pony Nug...
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Fox Mask with Rope Edge on Woven Leather Bracelet        Our 5 strand woven leather bracelet has custom-designed end caps and a foldover clasp. This offering is our Fox Mask with Rope edge. This design measures 3/4 inch round a...
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Our Fox Mask Classic Earring Charm is joined with our small Horse Shoe in a linked Bracelet. The fox has raised relief with fur detail.  He measures 1/2 inch round and the horse shoe measures  1/2 inch  x  7/16 inch wide. They ...
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Our 5 strand woven leather with our Hound Dog Slide. This hound started with a buckle and is now a completed series with every size available. The hound is created by a raised releif with the typical Hound profile and ears and ...
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our 3/4 inch wide leather cuff with a Rose bronze Slide. This design was an old button replicated and modified. There are 2 hounds with  a cap, a horn, a sword, a whip and sickle. A lovely old Hunting design that measures 1 inc...
Tempi Design is always expanding as creating is the most fun for me! In this collection, Tempi will list all the creatures great and small that are not horses.

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