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Animal Designs

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New for late Summer 2022, our Dressage Arena with Half Pass Horse Buckle in a medium size. This Buckle fits a 1.25 inch wide belt and measures  2 1/4 inches wide x  1  5/8 inches tall. It has a bar to connct your belt [ our bel...
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A medium version of the sweet Fox couple: He dons a bow tie. She wears flowers on her head and tucks her nose down as he smacks a kiss on her cheek! Carved in a raised relief  with fur detail and an bib accent. I had so much fu...
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Corgi Dog Buckle Large   Tempi has received so many requests for the beloved Corgi. This buckle design is one of many coming down the pike for this dog breed lover. The full body raised relief Corgi is looking upward with those...
Tempi Design is always expanding as creating is the most fun for me! In this collection, Tempi will list all the creatures great and small that are not horses.

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