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This Thoroughbred and Jockey design is also a Medallion, but here it is a Slide on a wide leather cuff  bracelet.  This design is part of an old medal brought back to life with some modifications. TB pople are often looking for...

Tempi Offers leather as Belts, various neck cords, and bracelets.

Our "Halter Stitch" 3 rows of stitching are offered in silver or gold thread. These high-end belts have Chicago screws[ gold or silver finish] for easy buckle change out. Our "crock embossed" leather belts are a classy new addition with a lower price point.  Tempi's leather neck cords have a wonderful selection of colors and widths. We also offer braided leathers as bracelets or neck cords, AND our leather cuffs have colors and a choice of a button stud OR a buckle for closure.

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