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Nature Designs

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Our large Dragonfly, solo, as a buckle. This one shows off the large Dragonfly alone, rather than our cluster of Dragonflies fancy Buckle. He has spread wings with detail markings and a tapered body with segmented rings. The ey...
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Tempi has made custom Buttons in the past, and this design was resurrected as a Zipper Pull. Here is a fun design with heart shape leaves which have a  slight curl to them. The clover stands alone and has a circle around it.  T...
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The smallest version of our ever popular Dragonfly.  This creature is a frequent visitor during warm weather months to all the horse barns. He can have the most iridescent wing coloring and appear to stare at you with those eye...
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Here is proof that not all Tempi's work is about horses! These sweet hummingbirds make adorble earrings.  This petite hummer measures 9/16 inch tall and  9/16 inch wide. There is feather detail on the wing and the tail is 3D. T...
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A a complement to our Feather and Bead Necklace, here are earrings in a right and left verion. The feather has texture and a center stem.  They measure 2 inches in length and  1/4 inch wide. There are several slices into the fe...
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Dragonfly Slide/Brooch    This Dragonfly has great detail all over, and measures 2 inches wide x 1  1/2 inches tall. The underside has strategically placed loops, so it can hang evenly, and also, hang to one side or the other. ...
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   The dragonfly has wing and body detail on 2 sides. The earrings face right and left.  These lever back earrings have small and petite sizes. The small dragonfly measures 1-inch wide x 1- inch tall and hangs  1  1/2 inch tall...
This collection will offer the everyday creatures we see outside in so many seasons that make us feel connected to mother earth. I have been so surprised by how many people, even horsey people, love Dragonflies, and Tempi went to work.....

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